Lyrics to Black Heart Blue coming soon. Saratoga lyrics below:



1) Empress of Wyoming


Oh, here she comes, The empress of Wyoming

Everyone bow down now,she's here to stay

Oh, here she comes now,The empress of Wyoming

And now you know, that Wyoming is where you'll stay


The wind and wine, it grasps you and in her hand, she has you

before you know what hit you, she will tell you all that she'll do


The prairies, and the plains say nothing, of her pain

she rarely sees, the rain but if it hurts her, she ain't sayin'


She's too beautiful, to look at but her glory ends, at sunset

it's too dark to see, the way that the mountains, don't forget



2) Indecision


My sequins and pearls lie beside one another,

one trashy and flashy, one plastic and fake,

And I, well, I lie, somewhere in the middle

And I'm not sure which direction to take


God only meets me on Sundays (it seems)

The rest of the week I'm on my own

Oh please, someone loose me, from all of these devils

That cling so hard to my soul


Oh I'm smug and lovestruck, shocked and shy,

jealous, bored and overwhelmed

How much I want to move on from where I am right now,

Trapped within this room with your slow talking, your slow thinking

Trapped within this room with my slow talking, my slow thinking

Trapped within this room with our slow talking, our slow thinking

and our slow beating hearts


And it's better I drink, instead of stop to think now

Of all the things I don't think we can be

It's better to sleep now, and just pretend to dream now

before this train comes to hit me.


3) What it Feels Like

It's Friday night, and the moon is full And the kids are all out on the street.

I'm alone, with nothing but a telephone And there's nobody to call out to meet.


And my man's a million miles away

Yes my man's a million miles away


At least that's....what it feels like when you're lonely

And missing....the one you love.

At least that's....what it feels like when you're lonely

And wishing you were with the one you're dreaming of.


Well. Mr. Clock, says it's half-past ten. Everybody in the world's at a party I wasn't invited too.

So here I am, Drinking all alone again. But I can't drink enough to stop thinking of you.


4) I'm Gonna Feel Tonight


You packed up and left me this morning, And I can't remember just why

You told me to take it easy on that bottle just before you said goodbye...But....



I'm gonna feel tonight tomorrow


I'm gonna pay for this I know

Cause if drinking one more

means thinking much less

Then I'm happy to pay for sure


I've made a big ol' mess of everything and I can't remember what I should

Be doing instead of drinking at this bar and I don't think I'd do it if I could


Now drinking too much, that's a serious thing and nothing to laugh about

But what better way to forget your fucking face than to drink til I pass out?





5) It's A Good Thing


The crazy season is over, my head's quiet for the first time in days

But the chill, is still, numbing my fingers, and it aches when I lay em down to play

So I called you to come warm my body, but somehow the connection was lost

Leaving me hanging at the end of the line, a line I should never have crossed


It's a good thing I didn't treat you better

cause then I'd be more the fool

It's a good thing I didn't love you as hard as I could

Cause then I might never get over you


All my friends warned me about you, said he's a player and he knows every game

But with one kiss all logic escaped me, Now I'll never, I'll never be the same


And I tried, oh I tried, To be the queen of your every dream

But nothing, no nothing it seems could turn the fates in favor of me, in favor of me

It's getting on close to midnight, and I still haven't heard back from you

But the sad thing is also the funny thing, it's that baby, you ain't got a clue



6) Sorry I Missed You


I sit in front of this pawn shop, to sell all I'm ownin

July 31st, at nine in the morning

Never thought you would leave me so poor

That I'd be here waiting for them to open this door

You took all my time, my love, my last buck

So I'm through with waiting, for a change in my luck (and I'm)


Sorry ....I missed you

sorry I let you, make me feel so blue

I'm sorry....I missed you

sorry I ever, thought twice about you

(Sorry...I missed you next time I promise , my aim, it'll be true)

Oh I'm sorry...I missed you

I'm sorry...I missed you

I'm sorry....I missed you


Well, from the news I've been hearing, it's a new love you've found

I'm sure you'd have called if she wasn't around

You don't even notice the bridges you burn

You don't have a clue that you'll get what you've earned

But I still...have regrets, And I can bet... (that I'm)


I'll start this all over and get over you, one night at a time

Yeah, a heartbreak ain't no fun, but I know, that I'll be just fine just fine, just fine (and I'm)



7) Burned


I burned that dress.

I threw away those boots

I don't want any trace

or memory of you

In my house, on my hands, or in my heart


Well it started out a night just like so many nights before

A secret meeting at a place we used to go

It hadn't been five minutes when those hands began to roam

They didn't stop and I didn't say no.

Well I've done some things that maybe I shouldn't have done

But I'm telling you I'm changing my ways


It's been 20 years and now you're showing an interest

Well did you forget your misses

Waiting at home

Well I don't need those tears, this shame or heartache

So take your kisses and leave me alone.


When I was a little girl I had a vision

Of the man who would someday take me away

But now that I'm grown up I guess I'll just keep on a'wishin'

Cause that man ain't you, and that day ain't today!

Well I've done some things that maybe I shouldn't have done

But I'm telling you I'm changing my ways



8) Stars at Night


Want to be in the land like nowhere else, and live right off that land

My heart belongs out on these plains, with the earth in my hand, in my hand

I want to feel that cold wind, take my breath away

I need to walk those streets at night, as the whole town fades away, fades away


The stars, At night

Are big, And bright

And here, I'm home

On these big, wide open, nights


You've never been the place I've lived, but you're always in my heart

It's just this little daily grind, that's keeping us apart, us apart

My life it stays so cold here, even though, I love the lights

The city takes my soul away, I need those big wide open nights, wide open nights...



9) Some People


He started off fine, an idealist in every way

He lived on a commune, ate what his friends grew and said what he wanted to say

He didn't really care, what he was paid

He stood up for the poor and he stood against wars and it only got better each day

Until slowly, over time, (it seemed more fun) to be more than fine, and the money and the job didn't seem so bad


Some people never change

Some people never change

You' ll just eventually be the way they want you to be

Some people never change


So he moved to the city, and got himself a business life

money doesn't grow on trees and doesn't come from saying please, there's all these clothes he bought for his wife

It seemed to all happen, overnight

next thing he knew lawyers told him what to do and that everything would be all right

because slowly, over time, (it seemed more fun) to be more than fine

And the money and the job didn' seem so bad


Well, on the bad days, it's all he thinks about

he wonders where he went wrong and if it's too long gone it's nothing that he'll ever talk about

And he knows, that he'll always stay

the money and power have him stronger by the hour those he crushed will understand someday

Because really, over time, it's not that fun to be more than fine and the money and the job, they do seem that bad...



10) Mary Lou


Oh I'm just an old man in love with the ghost

Of a girl who was just passing through

And if we should meet when I pass through the gate

I'll spend forever with my loving Mary Lou


Well she was thin and tall and plenty pretty

When they met at the factory where they both worked in the city

He said "darling, I've got my sights set on you

Take my hand and be my loving Mary Lou."


They bought a little blue house out in the country

He went to work and she stayed home with the babies

Times were tough but there were good times too

Long as he had his loving Mary Lou


After a long, hard battle

She lost the fight

He held her hand as she sailed up

And into the night

He whispered "my heart will always be true

To you, my loving Mary Lou."



11) Old Carbon


An affliction's what it took to create this

But why it happened how could I know

If I'd seen the future

I'd have wanted you sooner

But some pressure's for good and now I know


Old carbon, that's all that I am

Old carbon, that's all that you are

With pressure and time and some luck there's a diamond

Where all there was was an old lump of coal


When you met me, you saw the sparkle

The one that I didn't know showed

So you quietly polished

And loved me through all this

And together now, darlin, we glow



12) I will wait


Here we are once again

sitting side by side in your car

there's no way to win

But I will wait for you

I will wait for you


Now it's dark, your hand's on my shoulder

Spent all day in the water

now we're quite tired

But I will wait for you

I will wait for you

I will wait...

for you

for you