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Upcoming shows


Opening for Bob Log III on Aug 30! 

Hello Friends - 

Thanks to all who came to see us play at The UMS, we appreciate the support!

We are also super excited about our next show. It is Aug 30 at the Larimer Lounge, and we will be opening for the always amazing Bob Log III. Also on this bill is The Ghost of Joseph Buck. It should be a great night and we hope you will make plans to join us!

More info about the show can be found here: 

Thanks! See you on Aug 30!

-The Hollyfelds



Listen to what these fine folk have to say, we didn't even bribe them:


"Alt-country perfection."

-The Denver Post


". . .an endlessly enchanting band."

-Westword Music Blog


“Throughout the album, the deft, soulful musicianship of all five Hollyfelds stand out, but it’s Eryn’s and Kate’s stunning harmonies that make Saratoga an utterly delightful listen. Their honeyed voices contain just enough of the whiskey and heartache that makes great country music.”

- Westword


" [The Hollyfelds] have made a name for themselves. . . via hotly written alt-country tunes [and] masterful harmonizing, [Saratoga is] poetic."

- The Denver Post

"The Hollyfelds have made one of the finest alt-country albums of the past 10 years. . . Saratoga is a musician’s dream. Start with the dueling vocals of Eryn Hoerig and Kate Grigsby. Their vocals wrap around one another in harmonies so tight they’ll make you want to cry, laugh out loud and jump for joy. . . [The Hollyfelds] are writing the next generation of country standards (or what should be, in a perfect world). Buy It Now!"

- Wildy's World Blog


"[Saratoga is] A fine set of ragged-edged, buoyant DIY-billy, with a bouncy rock backbeat behind a mostly-acoustic band and twin gal-harmony vocals. . . Fans of Freakwater and Lone Justice will recognize kindred spirits. . . [Saratoga is] full of plenty of pleasant surprises. . . The Hollyfelds sing and play with a conviction and sincerity that's refreshing to hear."

- Slipcue.com


"The Hollyfelds' boisterous set at the Meadowlark on Saturday satisfied completely. . . mining a vein of traditional country-folk that invigorated the crowd. . .led by silk-voiced singers Eryn Hoerig and Kate Grigsby, [The Hollyfelds] ran through a set of originals and covers that helped the subterranean Meadowlark feel like a summery back porch."

- The Denver Post


"Talk about sweet - take one listen to the harmonizing vocals of Eryn Hoerig and Katie Grigsby, and you will fall in love with this band."

- The Vail Daily


"I really like the harmony. . .That was phenomenal. . .I really like the song [Empress of Wyoming]."

- Hyper Nonsense no.26


". . . all-out country music . . .with. . .two stunning front women and [a] solid, swaying rhythm section. . .charming. . .Their lazy country pace and swelling two-part harmonies made crying in your beer the most natural thing to do."

- Japan Implosion no.7


"I was laying down listening to this. . . and suddenly it occurred to me 'Oh man, this is not the band I'm going to see tonight! They are halfway across the country!' and I was totally disappointed."

- Hardcore-troubadours.com