Hello and welcome!

If you already have our official releases but want to hear some more, here's some free stuff for you!  This is our way of saying 'thanks' for your support, and sharing some of our recordings which haven't previously been given a proper release. We hope you will enjoy these tracks. If you don't already have our other releases, don't forget that there are free MP3s on the "Music" section of this web page as well.

Thanks again! Enjoy!
 Here's some info about these songs:

1) Bottles - This is an older Hollyfelds song that pre-dates Saratoga, but we never got around to recording it until our new friends at UI Sound Studios in Boulder, CO helped us out. This track is: Produced by The Hollyfelds and Evan Reeves, Engineered by Patrick Tracy and Evan Reeves, Mixed by Patrick Tracy, and Recorded at UI Sound Studios, Boulder, CO.

2) If Love Is a Red Dress (Hang Me In Rags) - This is a cover song, originally performed by the amazing Maria McKee, which appears on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. Our version was recorded completely live, as well as mixed live, by Nate Mender. There is no question that you should get the original version of this song, here are some places to buy it: Amazon, iTunes, Her official web page

3) Poughkeepsie - This is also a cover song, originally performed by the awesome Over The Rhine, from their album Good Dog, Bad Dog. Our version of this song was also recorded by Nate Mender completely live. You should really buy the original version of this song. If you don't, we will make fun of you behind your back. Not really. Buy it here: Amazon, iTunes, Their official web page